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About The Leather Elves

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The Leather Elves began over 25 years ago as a small family owned and operated business. It has remained that way as our customer base and line of toys have expanded. Our goal is to make toys that are safe and appealing for companion birds. We strive to create unique toys that are unavailable from other manufacturers. All of our toys are developed with safety in mind and all materials are veterinarian approved before being included in a toy. Each toy is made to order to ensure freshness of product and extended shelf life for the customer.


The Leather Elves always considers the behavior of birds in the wild when designing new toys. Animals under human care lead very different lives than their counterparts in the wild. The activity budget remains the same so as a manufacturer we attempt to create enrichment opportunities for companion parrots that mimic natural behaviors.


Our products are meant to be enriching for your parrots and inspiring for you. One of the biggest benefits to owning a parrot is the level of interaction we are able to have with our companion pets. The Leather Elves produces toys that allow you to engage with your pet as they are mentally and physically enriched. Toys can be used for training sessions or for game play, both of which enhance the human animal bond.


The Leather Elves also work diligently to provide a variety of opportunities for your feathered companions. When you consider a parrot’s life in nature you need to think about all the different choices made daily. You need to provide choices and variety in the types of enrichment you provide for your parrots. Remember to enrich all the senses when choosing toys and offering opportunities.


Finally, The Leather Elves are dedicated to education. Birds under human care need you to create the most environmentally enriched setting possible. That setting varies from home to home but it is your responsibility to learn as much as you can about what works best for your birds and The Leather Elves hope to help you in that learning process.


Robin Sullivan

Robin Shewokis Sullivan is the owner of The Leather Elves, a company that designs and manufactures enrichment devices for animals in human care. Since 2000 Robin has consulted at zoos in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Holland and has distributed enrichment products worldwide. Robin regularly speaks at parrot clubs, providing workshops teaching ways to create a stimulating environment. She also develops new products for parrots that will stimulate naturalistic behavior. Robin has published articles on enrichment in national and international publications. She has also produced a DVDs titled "Enriching Your Parrot's Life" and “Get Your Bird Back.” Robin is past president of The International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators. She also serves on the board of National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation.

While president of IAATE Robin’s focus was on increasing education for the avian community. ”In order to provide the best possible environment and quality of life for animals under human care we must build our provider skills through learning and exploration of opportunities. Every time I teach a
workshop or interact with a group of parrot owners I learn new ways to enhance the lives of birds
sharing our lives”

During the Covid-19 crisis Robin worked on ways of keeping parrot owners engaged while unable to
meet in person. To that end Robin began doing weekly educational livestreams called Flock Talk on
Facebook with fellow avian enthusiast Jack Pine of HiRedBird!.

Robin strives to get people thinking about the natural lives of our companion parrots. Life in the wild is challenging and people need to challenge their birds at home. The closer we can get to replicating life in the wild the better the quality of life is for our birds.


Robin also supports a variety of avian conservation efforts in order to help people remember the
connection and responsibility we all have to our natural world. Owners of captive bred parrots have the closest pet tie to any animal species in the wild. In 2011 Robin spoke in New Zealand on animal
enrichment at the Auckland Zoo and parrot enrichment at the Parrot Society of New Zealand. While on this trip she had what she refers to as a ”life changing” experience when she was able to see and
interact with the endangered parrot species, the Kakapo. At the time there were 129 individuals in the world and through the efforts of the Kakapo Recovery Project that number has increased. Seeing
conservation efforts at work sparked a passion in Robin for supporting avian conservation projects in any way she can.

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